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A Teamwork Approach to Patient Care

In most cases, caregivers have exceptional first-hand knowledge of the needs of the person they care for. For health and community care professionals (including doctors, specialists, nurses and those with a prescribing role), this presents an opportunity to create a collaborative approach to care and support.

Health and community care professionals can help to ensure better outcomes for patients by working together with their caregivers, including:

  • Acknowledging the caregiver as part of the care team – they are someone who has a unique knowledge of the person being cared for.
  • Respecting the relationship between the caregiver and the person they care for.
  • Including and involving the caregiver in the design and delivery of treatment plans.
  • Listening to the caregiver and maintaining clear and honest communication with them.
  • Considering the needs and preferences of the caregiver as well as those of the person being cared for.
  • Finding strategies that support the rights of caring families.

Collaborating for Positive Results

Involving caregivers as partners in care can have positive results for all. When caregivers are part of the planning process, health and community care professionals will be able to better plan and respond to the needs of individuals because of the caregivers experiences and insight. The person being cared for will benefit from having a strong, trusting and well informed care team.

Keeping a Look Out for the Caregiver’s Health

Health and community care professionals can also support caregivers to continue to carry out their important role. It is important that general practitioners and front-line healthcare staff learn to recognize when caregivers are suffering from poor physical and emotional health and help them to locate and obtain support. You can assist caregivers by:

  • Understanding and recognizing the impacts of caring on individuals and family relationships.
  • Understanding the factors that impact on caregiver health and well-being and potential health risks such as depression and mental illness.
  • Keeping informed of services, supports and resources that may be helpful.
  •  Supporting caregivers to maintain their own health and well-being.


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