Community Cares

                                                                 "Caregivers are people in the community who care for others" Caregivers Action Network

CareAware Communities

A community is a group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common (Oxford Dictionary).

Caregivers can be found everywhere in our communities.  They are our family members, friends, partners, colleagues and neighbours.  Many of us do not realise the enourmous contributions that they make to our communities or fully appreciate the challenges that they face every day.

Creating a careAware community is about coming together to identify ways to raise awareness about caregiver contributions and create supportive environments for caregivers.  This may include:

  • Participating in the celebration of Caregiver Recognition Day;
  • Spreading the careAware message throughout your community by showing you care;
  • Becoming a careAware Organization (see more information below);
  • Creating supportive workplaces within your community.  See Workplace Cares.
  • Sharing information on caregiver resources;
  • Educating others on caregiving issues. 

Share your community's story about how you are taking action to become more careAware  and inspire others to join the careAware Initiative.

careAware Organization

A careAware organization recognizes and values caregivers as important members of their team.  A careAware organization's actions may include:

  • Sharing the careAware message with employees and clients;
  • Participating in the recognition and celebration of Caregiver Recognition Day on the first Tuesday in April;
  • Reviewing policies, programs, services and practices to identify potential barriers to caregivers on a regular basis.  For more information, please visit;
  • Encouraging health professionals to learn more about caregiving issues, positive communication and resources.  See Health Professionals Care.

Share your organization's story about how you are taking action to become a more careAware Organization and inspire other's to join the careAware initiative.

"As a responsible and caring society, we are indebted to them for their unpaid, under-acknowledged contribution to the care of people in our community who are struggling.  These unheralded, self-sacrificing angels of mercy are often the glue that bind people in need with many of the provisions our society has available to them.  As none of us knows what lies ahead in our own life's journey, we should take the time today to acknowledge and thank those who are in the trenches for their loved ones, sometimes with little or no support for themselves." Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior Centre