Suggested Events or Activities for Caregiver Recognition Day

Whether you are a small organization or a large one there are many ways that you can recognize the valuable contributions of caregivers.

Here are a few suggestions on successful events you may consider for Caregiver Recognition Day:

·        Host a Tea or Coffee Break

Invite members of your organization to have a conversation over coffee and/or tea and share stories of what caregiving means to you

·         Education Lunch

Order in lunch, have a potluck or ask employees to bring their own lunch. Use our  Education Sheet to learn about the impact of caregiving and to generate discussion.

·         Invite a member of the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition to come and speak to your group about caregiving and the role of the Coalition.

·         Host a Health Fair

Invite organizations to set up displays about their services, the diseases they represent and the supports they offer to caregivers.  The Manitoba Caregiver Coalition can assist you in identifying these organizations and the appropriate contacts. Then, invite your employees or members to view the displays, chat with the organization’s representatives and learn about the information and services available to caregivers in their community.

·         Gift a Gift

Medical clinics, personal care homes, etc. can recognize the importance of caregiving by handing out small gifts to every caregiver that comes into the facility on Caregiver Recognition Day , eg. a flower, cupcake, cookie. You could attach a brief note to the gift or a Caregiver Recognition Day sticker.

·         Host a self-care afternoon for caregivers

Invite the caregivers in your organization to an afternoon of pampering. Offer massages, manicures, yoga, meditation, etc. Many companies and individuals may be willing to volunteer their services for such an event.


Share your Event on Social Media

Add the "I AM CareAware" Sticker (Below on Page) to your website or social media and link this page

Don’t forget to order or download your Caregiver Recognition Day materials to support your event.

A member of the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition would be happy to attend and participate in your event at your request


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