Care Aware

 careAware Workplaces

 What is a Care Aware Workplace?

“We can spot a Care Aware workplace right away because the program is so visible. We see supports in lunch room posters, in the employee newsletters and company emails. When a program is visible we know the commitment is there.” Manitoba Caregiver Coalition

careAware Workplaces have made the commitment to respect and support caregivers.  They strive to establish work environments and policies that enable caregivers to better balance work with caregiving responsibilities - a desirable outcome for both employees and employers.

"I love my job-it is my happy place.  I pack my time off with Mom's appointments so that I don't have to take as much time from work.  I found myself waiting for Christmas holidays to end, so that I could get back to work (my respite!).  Everyone around me thought I was crazy.  I know caregivers get it, thought!  It's so difficult when my responsibilities with my Mom would encroach on my work.  I dropped down to 75% time, in order to have to take less time off for Mom....but I wish I could still work full-time." Anonymous


The careAware Workplace initiative aims to recognize organizations and businesses that support their employees who provide care to friend or family member. If you would like more information or would like to become involved with the careAware initiative please contact the Manitoba Caregiver Coalition.